Onion-Garlic Planting Machine SC1-10

Using two rotating belts, the seeder takes the seeds from the tank and scatters them onto the grooves opened by the blades through the external housing. The blades that open the grooves are connected to the unit. The units feature parallelogram systems (for the SC1 model). These operate accordingly with the elevation changes of the field. The unit also provides gear options to adjust the space between the seeds (can be adjusted to 4-6cm, 6-8cm, 8-10cm). The seed tank can be leaned forwards or backwards with a piston. The benefit of this system is that by leaning the tank backwards while using small seeds, the scattering of too many seeds is prevented. For bigger seeds, the tank is leaned forward to prevent the seed from falling off the scoop.
Onion-Garlic Planting Machine SC1-10
  • Onion-Garlic Planting Machine SC1-10
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